Firehouse #18 – Stargazing

Firehouse #18 – Stargazing

05 Jan 19:00 - Dublin
A4 Sounds


Firehouse #18 is going to showcase another new set of films from the brightest young talents on the island. It's at seven o'clock in A4 Sounds off Dorset Street.

If anyone would like to enter the Contest, the rules are as follows; the film must have been made in the month preceding the show, the film must not be longer than five minutes [preferably around three].

If you cannot send your film to us digitally, please let us know in advance, so we can arrange to collect the physical copy, whether on USB or hard drive. All applications accepted that adhere to these rules. All levels of production value are welcome.

Entry and admission are free, although we do ask for donations on the door.

Email to submit a film.

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