Canine Zoopharmacognosy Weekend Workshop

Canine Zoopharmacognosy Weekend Workshop

17 Nov 10:00 - 18 Nov 17:00 - Sligo
Canine Herbal Health

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Discover how and why Canine Zoopharmacognosy can help you and your dog
Understanding 'offering' and self-selection
Participate and engage in practical sessions with a couple of dogs led by Carly
Learn to recognise the behavioural responses - pos & neg
Become more familiar with which groups of plant extracts are offered for types of presenting symptoms and conditions
Learn to observe, identify and interpret behavioural responses to the plant extracts - neg & pos
Understand how and why dogs differentiate between the 3 ways of self-administering their extract selections
Sequential selection and simultaneous offering for effective selection

Understand the different approaches when working with physical issues (such as pain, inflammation, infection) and emotional issues (such as trauma, grief, anger)
Enjoy being among like-minded people and have fun!

Accommodation avail on first-come first basis. See link below:

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